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It’s all about convenience! I’m happy to meet with you whenever you’re available - during traditional working hours, evenings or weekends. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and expectations.

Liane Juhl Høier

Simplify for Success

Thank you for considering my bookkeeping and organizational services! My motto is “You do what YOU do best and I will do the rest!

The importance of having accurate, current books – along with keeping receipts organized and categorized – will save you time and money when it’s time to provide them to your accountant. It’s much more affordable, and easy, when you stay up do date!

To get started, I’ll simply discuss your business processes and needs with you, and then I’ll put together my recommendation for services for your review. My bookkeeping services will typically involve coding your transactions as income, expenses, assets, liabilities or equity into Quickbooks.

I also specialize in organizing offices, processes and a variety of spaces which will make your workflow and life-flow easier and better!

Please contact with me with any questions or to discuss your bookkeeping or organizational needs during a FREE initial consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Liane helped me get my books straightened out when my business was just getting off the ground. She was able to quickly identify and fix the problems I was having in my financial records. She is experienced, efficient, and more importantly, friendly and fun to be around. I would certainly recommend her to individuals and small businesses with bookkeeping needs. I had a great experience working with Liane. - Max Schramm, Schramm Investment Advisors, LLC (Hudson, Wisconsin)

  • My ZEN space is so awesome! Liane transformed a loft above our garage, that was packed with stuff, into the relaxing space I always wanted. I know where I can go on a moment’s notice to find peace and comfort. I was amazed at the transformation! Sarah Atkins (Hudson, Wisconsin)

  • Liane is great! Everything is detailed onto spreadsheets, graphs and charts monthly showing your business revenue. It’s simple, give her your paperwork monthly, she then gets it documented... easy, easy! Liane has been a blessing to me, my business and my accountant! Totally worth it. One less hassle for me. Kim Platt, KP’s Upkeep Boutike-Uptown (Minneapolis, Minnesota)